Weekly Grab and Go Meal Plan

It wasn’t until I got on Patricia’s schedule for her Grab and Go Program that I realized just how much time I was spending and how much food I was wasting in the process of preparing my lunches each week. Patricia arrives at my home on Sunday with a basket full of prepared foods and I am totally set for all of my lunches for the week. And the food is so delicious! My favorite so far, the combo of potato and poblano grilled corn salad, chicken salad and lemony kale salad. Yum! – Susan Blain

Imagine opening your fridge and finding an assortment of soups and salads, each carefully made by hand like your mom or grandma would have done. When I returned from a month long series of treatments at the Duke clinic my friends had given me the gift of food deliveries from Chef Patricia, all prepared according to my doctor’s requirements. For the past two months I’ve had weekly food deliveries from Patty as I healed at home. I can choose from Chef Patricia’s menu each week or just do my favorite thing and say “just surprise me” and know it’s going to be delicious. – Claude

Let Patricia make your busy life easier by stocking your fridge each Sunday with her Weekly Grab and Go Meal Plan. Select from a variety of soups, salads or sandwiches to take to the office, enjoy at home or share with friends! All items come complete with what you will need to enjoy your meal. Soups and salads are paired with bread while sandwiches come with chips and pickles. Gluten-free, Keto, Paleo and Vegetarian options are available.
  • Eliminate menu planning and shopping
  • Forget the cooking
  • No more waste
  • Gain time to do the things you love while eating tasty healthy meals!
How it Works:
Each Tuesday you will receive the weekly menu via email. Just submit your order by noon on Thursday and receive your food for the week mid-day Sunday. There is a $50 minimum. Contact Patricia to get see if there is an open spot on the Weekly Grab and Go Meal Plan.