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Personal Chef and Catering Tryon NC and the Carolina Foothills Region

What is a Personal Chef?


Personal Chef

Handcrafted menus prepared in your home or delivered right to your door.  Chef Patricia specializes in preparing meals to fit a wide variety of dietary needs including Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Diabetic and Eat Right with Cancer.

Personal Chef Tryon NC Chef Patricia - Weekly Grab and Go

Meal Delivery Plan

Delicious chef-prepared meals for families in the Foothills region. Each week customers receive an ever-changing menu of delicious items to choose from. Weekly selections may include main entrees, soups or stews, casseroles and/or items from themed global cuisines.

Personal Chef Tryon NC Chef Patricia

Food Concierge

Food Concierge services includes:

  • The Pantry Reset – we clean out and stock up your pantry to help you reach new dietary and lifestyle goals
  • The Welcome Home Package – come Home from a long vacation to a freshly prepared meal and a stocked fridge!).

What Folks Have to Say About … the Best Personal Chef in Tryon NC!

Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

Friends giving the gift of food …

Imagine opening your fridge and finding an assortment of soups and salads, each carefully made by hand like your mom or grandma would have done. When I returned from a month long series of treatments at the Duke clinic my friends had given me the gift of food deliveries from Chef Patricia, all prepared according to my doctor’s requirements. For the past two months I’ve had weekly food deliveries from Patty as I healed at home. I can choose from Chef Patricia’s menu each week or just do my favorite thing and say “just surprise me” and know it’s going to be delicious.


Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

Tasty food using local produce …

Sign up for her weekly menu of delicious soups, salads, etc. Great tasty homemade food using products from local producers. She is located right here in Tryon.

Jean Shumway

Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

Way better than eating out!

I work full time and I love cooking but sometimes I am just to busy to plan, cook and clean-up after a busy week. I have been part of Patty’s Weekly Meal Delivery Plan and Casserole Plan for over a year and it has been a real time saver. The food is really flavorful and the quantities are more than enough for several meals. We get to try new dishes, which we love. The variety is wonderful as the menu changes weekly and the presentation is always beautiful (and often includes fresh flowers and surprises.) We get to stay home, eat Patricia’s creations and drink our own wine. It’s way better than eating out! Patty has also helped in a pinch with Party Platters when I just don’t have time.


Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

More than I could have expected …

I live part-time in Asheville and I know what is like to be barraged by wonderful testimonials about food daily. Many of them don’t measure up. So I was skeptical about engaging a caterer for a formal dinner for primarily vegetarians. Well, it was more than I could have expected. Not only did the flavors explode wonderfully in our mouths but there was such a variety of them and combined in new and delightful ways. When I have a catered sit-down dinner the goal is delicious and hassle free. The attention and contributions Patty and her husband paid to my ideas about presentation, and simplicity, made the experience pleasurable far beyond the food. She provided detail and clear instructions and checked on my progress regularly. It makes me want to think up reasons to have another dinner soon!

Brad and Martin

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