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What is a Personal Chef?


Personal Chef

Handcrafted menus prepared in your home or delivered right to your door.  Chef Patricia specializes in preparing meals to fit a wide variety of dietary needs including Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Diabetic and Eat Right with Cancer.

Personal Chef Tryon NC Chef Patricia - Weekly Grab and Go

Meal Delivery Plan

Delicious chef-prepared meals for families in the Foothills region. Each week customers receive an ever-changing menu of delicious items to choose from. Weekly selections may include main entrees, soups or stews, casseroles and/or items from themed global cuisines.

Personal Chef Tryon NC Chef Patricia

Catering Tryon

Whether you are hosting an intimate dinner party for 6 or a gala birthday party for 50, you will be in good hands when your hire Patricia for your catered event. Patricia uses the finest ingredients including organic and seasonal produce from local farms and farmer’s markets to create delicious, high-end catering experiences.

Give the Gift of Food

There are so many ways to Give the Gift of Food! One great idea came recently as a group of friends banded together and gave The Gift of Food to a couple in great need. They raised enough dollars to keep the meals flowing for several months. I chatted with the couple to customize their meals and coordinated delivery per their schedule. Words cannot describe how loved and supported they felt with the on-going meal train of freshly prepared meals given to them from family and friends. And what a bonus for me as well to be in a position to do what I love and pass on so much kindness to people in need!

All you have to do is contact me with the recipients name and contact info and I will organize the rest! Any amount given is great regardless of the amount. Once received the food will flow per the recipients requests. They will know who the gift is from but not the amount. I always add fresh flowers and extra goodies to ensure they feel very special. This is just one unique way to Give the Gift of Food!

What Folks Have to Say About … the Best Personal Chef in Tryon NC!

Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

For us, Chef Patty’s dishes present as an artist working across multiple mediums simultaneously.

The moniker Chef simply doesn’t connote her expressions of color, flavor and texture that arrive at our door compliments of Michael each week.  I often remark to Trish that I would never think to pair the ingredient combinations Chef Patty selects nor did I initially expect to be spoiled with the week over week variety of menu selections and individual dishes.  

We each have something to look forward to each week as Chef Patty is somehow able to satisfy our divergent preferences, with Trish favoring mostly vegetarian fare while I lean heavily carnivoran.  With ready to eat delicious foods given in generous portions Chef Patty has helped solve the recurring problem of a short clock in busy lives… and my weight and blood pressure have trended lower since we joined too!  

Josh and Trish

Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

How do I love Chef Patty?  Let me count the ways: 

She was my guardian angel.  Too weak to cook, Chef Patty’s nutritious, flavorful food allowed me to regain my strength after chemo and radiation.

Her varied and delicious meals satisfies even the most sophisticated palette.

She is client focused and easy to work with.  Don’t like an item in a protein pack or super salad?  No problem.  Tell her and she will substitute for something you do like.

Every delivery has loads of extras including fresh flowers.

Mary Ann

Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

I am not sure where to begin with how wonderful Chef Patty’s services are.

I run our farm, my husband is a farrier and we have a six-year-old who is the pickiest eater ever. We were going all day without eating much food that had any nutritional value & then eating super late at night. 
Chef Patty has turned this around for us. We have amazing, nutritional meals that are made for our own specific tastes. Chef Patty has been very instrumental with helping me get my little boy to have a better diet along with the rest of our family.
We get all of this with exquisite tastes from around the world! 
We now would rather eat at home than go out to eat! We were takeout junkies before. 
Chef Patty’s services will change your life!


Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

A friend gave us “the gift of food” and we were hooked…

A friend gave us “the gift of food” and we were hooked on Chef Patty’s delicious, interesting and easy to prepare meals. Aside from the practical benefits of saving time, no food shopping, less waste, healthy eating and costs savings we enjoy every lip smacking meals! Chef is a master at using seasonings to make each meal worthy of a fine dining experience. Weekly menus are created to provide a variety of tastes that do not disappoint. Chef is also dedicated to providing exemplary customer service, anxious to tailor meals to suit tastes and health concerns. She is happy to answer questions about ingredients, preparation and serving suggestions. We have been enjoying Chef’s wonderful food for a couple of months and our experience has exceeded our expectations!

Susan Taylor and David DeLancey

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Chef Patricia

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