Fresh Food Inspired by Austin!

Fresh Food Inspired by Austin!

January Newsletter –

Fresh Food Inspired by a recent trip to Austin!

Having just returned from Austin, Texas I am on a Fresh Food high! It was so amazing to experience a city that is so immersed in Meat yet on the cutting edge of all things Plant Based. I spent my first day working privately with Executive Chef Ben of Miraval Austin Resort and Spa. Chef Ben is also head consultant to their partner, Williams and Sonoma, to develop more Plant Based meals globally. We made Vegan Gluten Free Spaghetti and Meatballs and spent a lot of time talking about how to make Meatless meals as tasty as Meat based dishes. The balance of the trip was spent getting a real education on several cuisines including Mediterranean, Cali Mex, Italian and more using the Chipotle model. This formula utilizes all local organic ingredients, ordering and paying for your food at the counter then having it delivered straight from the kitchen to your table. From these adventures I found another Super Grain called Heirloom Rice, check out this link and look for it it on upcoming Menus.

Lastly, I have never offered Fresh Juice as part of my services as it is extremely time consuming to prepare and very expensive! I have been trying to find a source for years not only for myself but for my clients with health issues. With 2 locations Mountain Juicery is the real deal. The recipes are exceptional and the staff is not only friendly but knowledgeable. If you haven’t had freshly made juice check out this article on all the benefits: 9 Health Benefits of Juicing That You May Not Be Aware Of.

Mountain Juicery


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