Last week, my beloved ricer broke in the middle of making 30lbs of mashed potatoes and it almost broke your Chef!  My creamless mashed potatoes are one of my signature dishes.  So after having a complete melt down and calling everyone I know, I found one and the crisis was averted. If you haven’t used a ricer to make mashed potatoes, you are missing out!

Also check out this link for other creative ways to use it-  4 Ways to Use a Ricer

Another tool that is essential to my cooking is a zester. I use it to infuse citrus into my breadcrumbs and dressings. I also grate onions, garlic and whole spices like nutmeg, it’s super handy.

But probably the most amazing tool I own is this nifty julienne peeler.   There are so many different types out there but none that have the precision and technique to make vegetables like carrots, zucchini, potatoes and squash look so beautiful.

Lastly, I am addicted to lemon infused olive oil.  Just a few lovely drops take all my recipes to the next level.