I’m constantly on the hunt for new products, tools and trends and wanted to share my latest finds with you, so check them out…
Flavor Boosters:
Furikake Rice Seasoning – from Japan, Furikake is frequently used to top rice, fish, and vegetables. It’s also used in making Onigiri or nori-wrapped rice balls. The condiment can also be used to add umami flavor and crunchy texture to just about any savory dish or snack, from eggs and avocado toast to poke bowls and salads.
 Lemon infused olive oil – Just a few lovely drops to finish a soup, or toss with salad greens, mixed with herbs for a great marinade and my favorite sautéed spinach.
Calabria Chili Paste is something all cooks should have in the kitchen. Add as much or as little as you like to give layers of savory flavor to pasta sauces, eggs, sandwich spreads, vegetables and meats. I blended it into a meatloaf mix and wow it really punched up the flavor.
Food Trends:

Pickling – this fun process is the hottest trend going and summer is the perfect time of year to get started. Whether it is a quick pickle or the stove top version, you can create any texture or flavor profile you want. It’s really the new “condiment of choice” to top your favorite salad, taco or sandwich and it makes a great marinade for meats. I like to change up the flavors by adding a Mexican twist using fresh cilantro, jalapeños, coriander and cumin. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to pick your favorite vegetables, here is a great method.
Kitchen Tools:

Julienne Peeler – For me, plating your food is what I enjoy most and I really challenge myself to make each and every dish pretty. Years ago I found the most amazing tool… a julienne peeler in Little Italy, Philadelphia. There are so many different types out there, but none that have the precision and technique to make radishes, carrots, zucchini, potatoes and squash look so beautiful and give that wow factor to your dish.

Pre- Cut Parchment Paper – For anyone who has struggled with the painful process of cutting parchment paper, then trying to lay it flat onto a baking sheet and then finding ultimately it is the wrong size, you will go nuts for this product. It is the best! 
Ricer – You’ll never use a food processor again after using this ricer to make your mash potatoes.
Also check out this link for other creative ways to use it-  4 Ways to Use a Ricer.