With Spring in the air and the farmers markets to look forward to, my creative juices are always trying to think of ways that I can add more vegetables to your dishes! One success has been the creation of the Super Salad crafted after the beloved Buddha Bowl idea. I would best define this concept as an assortment of various vegetables both, raw and cooked, with a protein, grain or starch and sometimes fruit and seeds. The key is to balance all the flavors to ensure you get the perfect bite! The beauty of these bowls is that there are endless ways to keep them interesting, but for me, adding global themes really brings the concept together. If you need some inspiration, check this out this Pinterest board.

But the Bowls do take some work! So here are my tips to ensure your success:

  • Select a Bowl or Bowls recipe. Don’t forget the dressing.
  • Create your grocery list. Try and get as much organic produce as possible.
  • When you return home from shopping, use this motto – “Need it 3 times chop it once”. This sets you up for a week’s worth of bowls or salads. I use this amazing tool for the most beautiful julienne vegetables.
  • Storage, I prep most of my vegetables a week in advance and store them as follows: carrots, celery, radishes and potatoes in water. Peppers, loose fruit, cabbage and lettuce in damp paper towel placed inside a Ziploc bag. Avocados, apples, oranges once ripe store in vegetable drawer. Items like grains can be made and stay fresh up to five days stored in air tight containers. Dressings stored in glass jars. Proteins best made the day of use. *Protein short cut, buy a Rotisserie Chicken they add a lot of flavor and bonus use carcass to make chicken stock.
  • Lastly, choose a nice bowl that will highlight all your hard work!

Too much work then let me help! Pick a day where I can come and train you or you can always take the easy way out and order a Super Salad off the Weekly Menu