It’s that time of year when most folks decide that they need to clean up their diets and reset their health goals. Most of you have already shifted your diets to less meat and dairy, no gluten, less salt and sugar, more vegetables and a focus on adding more protein. There is an avalanche of so many new products, but I really like below items……

Also, food trends have really come a long way – check it out this link!

Cassava Pasta – So many benefits with this pasta. It’s free from glutens, grains, the top 8 allergens, legumes, gum and lectin. With an earthy flavor and fantastic texture this truly is the closet to the real thing.

Chick Pea Flour Tortillas – Enjoy Taco Tuesday or Meatless Monday with these tasty tortillas. Roast off some cumin dusted sweet potatoes, add some smoky black beans, top with cheese or crema, avocado and fresh cilantro and you have the perfect dinner.

Vegan Cheese – This has probably been the hardest category for me to endorse as I have not been a fan! But after years of trying so many types and brands, these cheeses taste like the real deal and are delicious. 

Bone Broth – Although this category isn’t new, I don’t think it’s really caught on! Besides being high in protein and its many benefits from aiding in digestion to protecting bones and joints, it’s great for cooking. I use it in soups, sauces, flavoring rice and pasta.