A lot of planning goes into crafting the Weekly Menus, I work hard to keep on top what is happening in the food world so that I can continue to deliver healthy fun food experiences to my clients. One trend that isn’t going away is the amount of meals you will be cooking at home! Continue looking at the positives, like being able to control the ingredients going into your meals. Creating weekly menus of your favorites while trying new things. Many of you have even found clever ways to stretch my meals, impressive! After 8 months of quarantine you should also be reaping big savings from not eating out and becoming a pantry ninja.

I’m no different than you in that I get bored of cooking the same things so I usually take some time in January to get re-energized and improve my skills. For the last two years I visited Austin and came back with so many new ideas. I even put myself through boot camp. Unfortunately for me I will not be taking any trips in the near future so I must look for my inspirations elsewhere. I have recently spent countless hours reviewing what the experts are saying about 2021 food trends check out this link.