Although I am now officially a Texan I still have very strong ties to the Foothills and will continue to send out Newsletters that I feel support the community. Over a year ago my friend and genius gardener Corrie Woods, embarked on a journey with a few friends to spread the word about how each and every one of us can make a difference right in our own back yards and Gardening for Life Project was born. As a Chef, this project really resonated with me, learning and understanding how protecting our native plants contribute to healthy diverse habitats while creating a highly productive ecosystem that we need to survive. A garden filled with native plants produce high yields of photochemically rich food requiring fewer inputs including water, fertilization, pest and disease control.

The Gardening for Life Project has come full circle and is sold out, over 750 attendees! With that said, even if you weren’t lucky enough to get a seat just click the above link and you can watch by live streaming the event which takes place on March 4th at 1:45pm EST.