Give The Gift of Food

The Best Gift Ever !

There are several ways you can give the gift of food to family or friends.

  • Give a Gift Certificate in the amount of your choosing to be redeemed at the recipient’s convenience.
  • Have Patricia prepare a meal to be delivered right to their door.
  • Have Patricia prepare an assortment of meals that can be conveniently stored or frozen.

Do you have friends or family in your life who are going through hard times and for whom you keep thinking, I wish there was something I could do? Have you got someone special in your life who deserves a big THANK YOU? Are you looking for that perfect gift? Imagine the gift of a customized home delivered gourmet meal (or a gift certificate for one). It is the Gift of Food! – of a Chef Patricia meal – and it is truly a gift that will be a surprise, will be savored and will be remembered!

Perfect Gift for:

  • Busy Moms
  • New Moms or a Baby Shower gift
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Saying Thank you !
  • Roll out the welcome mat to a new family in the neighborhood
  • Pamper an under-the-weather friend or family member
  • Welcome Home meal for weary travelers  … and even …
  • A wonderful gift for those folks in your life who seem to have everything!


Complex and surprising and comforting all at the same time …

When my sister arrived bearing a gift cooler full of Patty’s magic, I felt the love. It was a time my husband and I needed a little support, not a lot of the extra work that can sometimes arrive with houseguests. Incredibly delicious, well thought-out meals were packaged for days. Everything labeled, what dish went with what, how to cook, what could be stored or frozen for later. The menus were extremely well considered since we each have different dietary needs. She still managed to plan inventive cohesive meals that we could eat together. I know Patty also does catering and I would use her in a second if I lived nearby. Her food is complex and surprising and comforting all at the same time. As a gift, meals from Patty was one of the nicest and most considerate I have received.

Cindy Newton

The perfect gift at the perfect time …

Being on crutches is the worst. It just makes doing anything, especially cooking, hard. After a foot injury put me in crutches Chef Patricia came to the rescue. My family ordered up a gift certificate to cover a slew of amazing meals, some to eat fresh and some to freeze. Really, it was the perfect gift at the perfect time!

Corrie Woods

Chef Patricia

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