May 2018 Newsletter

tips on chef tools and products

Last month’s Newsletter featured Pantry and Fridge Staples. As a continuation in helping to make cooking more fun I wanted to share ideas and products you should know about! I would also encourage you to visit the Food Blog to check out previous posts you may have forgotten about, lots of great stuff!

Flavor Boosters:

  • Herbamare Sea Salt adds such a subtle undertone to my cooking, I use it to finish off Soups and Sauces and it is a great replacement for table salt
  • Calabria Chili Paste is something all cooks should have in the kitchen. Add as much or as little as you like to give layers of savory flavor to Pasta Sauces, Eggs, Sandwich Spreads, Vegetables and Meats. I blended it into a Meatloaf mix and wow it really punched up the flavor.

Food Trends:

  • Pickling, this fun process is the hottest trend going and Spring is the perfect time of year to get started. Whether it is a quick pickle or the stove top version, you can create any texture or flavor profile you want. It’s really the new “Condiment of Choice” top your favorite Salad, Taco or Sandwich and it makes a great Marinade for Meats. I like to change the Flavors by adding a Mexican Twist using Fresh Cilantro, Jalapeños, Coriander and Cumin. Check out this easy recipe
  • Power Bowls are so popular now that even Cracker Barrel is using the idea as a Marketing tool! Look for these Fresh and Healthy options on my Menus this Summer.

Kitchen Tools:

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