Hop on Board the Meal Train!

I often have folks order freshly made and home delivered meals for friends and family. Whether it is to give a new Mom a break and a rest from the kitchen, to pamper a loved-one going through a difficult time or perhaps it is Meal-Train-Chef-Patricia-Tryon-NCto help out someone who is under the weather. No matter the reason my “Give the Gift of Food” has become one of my most popular services.

Recently a group of friends/family contacted me because they wanted to provide a steady stream of fresh healthy meals for someone special who is ill. I do this all the time, right? But what made this really interesting to me was that because of this request I learned about setting up a Meal Train.

A Meal Train is a wonderful free service you can use to set up meal schedules. Instead of scratching your head wondering what to fix and when, you can glance at the online calendar shared among friends to see when the best time might be for your lucky recipient. It’s brilliant!

Recently a group of friends took it one step further by pitching in together to hire me to add some of my healthy meals to the mix. I love being a part of such a generous giving collaboration!