One of the many benefits of having your very own personal chef is knowing that I not only try to create a balanced dish but take great care into buying quality ingredients. With that said, keeping up on what is happening with the food supply chain and food sourcing can be overwhelming. The information runs the gamut – genetically modified foods, organics, grass fed meats, sustainability, farm raised versus wild caught seafood, etc.

One subject that I rarely see any information about is grating your own cheese versus buying pre-packaged shredded cheese! Most people don’t know that pre-shredded cheese is coated with starches to keep the cheese from clumping. Although these starches aren’t harmful, eliminating any foods with additives is important when trying to maintain a clean diet. Having worked in commercial kitchens, that was all that was used due to the volume. Once I got out on my own and started testing recipes where I was grating my own cheese, I never went back to the packaged versions. However, the one exception I do make is Pecorino Romano and the brand I use doesn’t use any fillers. So, if you are going to use pre-shredded just check out the ingredients.

Here is some more food for thought on shredded cheese –