Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

Friends giving the gift of food …

Imagine opening your fridge and finding an assortment of soups and salads, each carefully made by hand like your mom or grandma would have done. When I returned from a month long series of treatments at the Duke clinic my friends had given me the gift of food deliveries from Chef Patricia, all prepared according to my doctor’s requirements. For the past two months I’ve had weekly food deliveries from Patty as I healed at home. I can choose from Chef Patricia’s menu each week or just do my favorite thing and say “just surprise me” and know it’s going to be delicious.


Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

There is great joy and gratitude for me to have food delivered straight into my kitchen!

Not just any food, mind you, but utterly delicious food, created by a chef who cares deeply for the quality of her meals and service. Chef Patty takes her craft very seriously. For those of us who have a busy schedule and/or simply cannot spend the time it takes to shop for organic fruits and veggies, and then prepare a variety of soups, stews, salads and entrees, this service is a blessing. My husband and I delight in her meals and savor every bite. With a little bit of planning and creativity, if there are leftovers, one can work them into an entirely new meal plan and keep the goodness going for an entire week.


Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

Great service both convenient and tasty…

I first encountered Chef Patty’s food through a co worker who had been bringing in beautiful containers of fresh food for her lunches! I decided to give it a try and am totally enjoying the food, especially the Thai Salad Rolls. In addition to my lunches I have had Chef Patty make me up Casseroles for family and have gifted a few clients with her meals. With my busy schedule this service is not only convenient but it has also allowed us to try new and creative dishes.


Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

Great casseroles, soups and salads to take camping or give as gifts for clients, friends and relatives…

Chef Patricia has the most wonderful food around and the service she provides is second to none! She was so accommodating and helpful when we started ordering, helping us to figure out what we would like and the sizes to order.

Her food is always so fresh and delicious! Patty includes all you need to have a wonderful meal. We camp some and the casseroles, soups, and salads are fantastic for that as well as staying at home. Chef Patricia also helps me when I need to carry food for special occasions to clients, friends, and relatives.

Kia S. Harvey & Michael W. Atkins

Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

I cannot say enough amazing things about Chef Patty.

I cannot say enough amazing things about Chef Patty. She is the consummate professional and truly one of the best chefs around. She works hard to understand her clients and their nutritional needs. Her ability to make meals both delicious and healthy gives us the peace of mind to know that our Family and loved ones are in good hands. She is constantly creating new dishes with the freshest ingredients. Healthy and Incredible. She meets our expectations week after week.

Chef Patty is quick to respond to all emails and communications. Again, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Patty and highly recommend her for anyone looking to transition into a healthier way of eating with an innovative menu, beautifully prepared and presented food. Patty is one in a million!!


Personal Chef Tryon Chef Patricia

We work from home and this service is a total game changer

Patty is an exceptional chef! She wows us every week with her delicious and healthy meals, salads, and soups. We work from home and it has been a total game changer for us to have tasty and nutritious meals ready to eat. Patty is accommodating to our allergy and diet needs. She truly goes above and beyond in every single way! We love having Patty cook for us. She is an absolute gem!

Lyndsey Kuster

Eating healthy and so enjoying it …

Patty started making meals for me several months ago and her food is amazing. I wanted to clean up my diet and make healthier choices. Each week she prepares my lunches and often times an entree for myself and husband. The menus are loaded with fresh produce so I am losing weight and not even missing the foods that were not good for me! She regularly gives me samples to try which is a great way for me to experience her flavors and make decisions on future menus. She has also helped me out with catering taking care of all the details right down to the Flowers. I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a personal chef, particularly anyone with dietary restrictions


The finest ingredients cooked with an artistic flare …

Having four jobs leaves little amount of time to plan menu’s, shop for healthy food and cook. Patricia’s Meal Delivery Plan Program gives me the ability to eat a healthy without the hassle. All her ingredients are clean, she prepares flavorful dishes and provides a great combination of foods for everyone to enjoy.

Lilia White, Healing Hands, Club Hipico El Recuerdo


A salad bar in a box …

The weekly Meal Delivery Plan takes the thinking out of meal planning at the beginning of the week. Most weeks I don’t have to go back into the kitchen until Thursday. Patty’s salads have got it all – they are fresh, healthy and are loaded with crisp-tender vegetables, a protein and sometimes a grain. The bonus is that these salads are Gluten Free. When we add a few soups we are set because all the items come with bread, lettuce and chips. There is even a surprise with each delivery!

Judy L


Private Cooking Classes Tryon NC

In 1 Cooking Class I learned so much!

In just one private cooking class with Patty I learned so many things! The most important lesson – how to prep one time and yet create 3-4 meals. Example – we pan roasted a bunch of vegetables. Divided up, these then were the base for a delicious organic chicken meatloaf, the core of a killer roasted vegetable soup and the filling for a vegetarian eggplant lasagna. Every time I enlist her for another class we tackle new things and new flavor profiles and we have a seriously good time!

Corrie Woods

Private Cooking Classes Tryon NC

I enjoy cooking so much more now!

Patricia has shared her love of cooking with our family in private cooking classes.  We have learned how to be more confident and efficient in our culinary skills.  Our family appreciates Patty’s personalized planning and ideas for creating delicious, healthy recipes to meet our dietary needs.  I enjoy cooking so much more now, thanks to Patty’s guidance.  She really makes cooking fun!

Beverly Moore

Tasty food using local produce …

Sign up for her weekly menu of delicious soups, salads, etc. Great tasty homemade food using products from local producers. She is located right here in Tryon.

Jean Shumway

When I first moved to Tryon, North Carolina, I was fortunate enough to land in Patricia Compton’s neighborhood. Her “welcome to the neighborhood” gifts were the most heavenly soups I had ever tasted. I have not only come to know Patricia as a fun, generous spirited neighbor, but as a “world class” private chef, who is also very knowledgable about cooking “healthy” gourmet meals that are custom taylored for individuals with health concerns. She even teaches others to cook for themselves … generously gifting them with her recipe “secrets”. AND she caters too. This big-hearted Tryon NC personal chef is the best! When I let my guests know that Patty was cooking for my cocktail party, they ALL showed up and devoured everything! Need I say more?

Lynda Evans

It’s not a job for Patty. It’s her passion …

Patty is one of a kind.  When our family of 16 came to visit from New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, Patty and Michael delivered a gorgeous brunch prepared by Patty, complete with a stunning bouquet of flowers one morning and then catered an amazing party for 60 two days later!  That her meals are delicious, thoughtfully planned and beautifully presented is of course true, but what sets Patty apart is her attention to detail and the love and care that she brings to her craft.  It’s not a job for Patty.  It’s her passion, and it shows.

Helen Williams

For busy moms – freezer meals and fresh out of the oven dishes …

We are so grateful to know Chef Patricia and to be blessed by her incredible cuisine. As a busy mom, creating healthy dishes in a pinch (or even planning for them a few days out) can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Chef Patty has offered our family not only in-home cooking tutorials, but also freezer meals and fresh out of the oven dishes. Whatever your dietary needs, Chef Patty can create a culinary wonder that will wow the whole family.

Carolyn Baughman

How to throw a Simple Elegant Wedding without the Stress! Hire Chef Patricia!

We had one meeting to discuss the basics and from there Chef Patricia took care of everything.

Pre wedding we had 15 people on site that Chef Patricia fed with special items while making sure everyone got samples of all the food being prepared for the Masses. My groom and his son got to taste the hand crafted Dim Sum, a Medley of Meatballs and other Gourmet treats. Post Wedding while we were having photos taken Chef Patricia made sure that the 100 or so guests snacked on Charcuterie items, Mini Tea Sandwiches, 3 kinds of Deviled Eggs and Lobster Mac n Cheese Bites! Then as the reception continued several flights of Hor d’oeuvres were passed for the guests to sample. Everything from Gyoza, Meatballs, Crab Rangoon, Egg Rolls, Jumbo Roasted Shrimp, Roasted Pork Tenderloin Skewers and more. For the Deserts a Donut and Mini Cupcake Tower was set up and there wasn’t a bite left! A post Wedding Picnic was left in the Fridge untouched and perfect for the 20 Family members left to relax and celebrate!

Nick and Angie Capozzi

Investing in community …

Dear Chef Patricia,

Thank you so much for catering our event! You went above and beyond in your customer service! Not only did you provide an excellent menu of delicious food, you customized it to our specific needs. Beyond that, you spread the word and invited others who came. All that, plus your personal presence and engagement at our event, took it to a higher level.I look forward to working with you again soon!

With heart-felt gratitude,

Mark W. Neville, Development Director

The Free Clinics

P.S. (Your charitable investment in The Free Clinics transforms the health of your neighbors and community)

A consummate professional …

When I phoned Patty for the S. family, I told her that Mrs. S. wanted “someone who would do it all, from the food, to the service, to the clean-up,” for a wedding rehearsal dinner.  As we spoke about the layout of the evening, Patty asked a variety of questions that clearly indicated she is a consummate professional.  Patty not only “does it all”, she does more, suggesting an Italian dinner, the twinkly lights, as well as helping to design the romantic, charming ambiance.  Mrs. S, who was greatly impressed with the elegant meal, the service and the evening’s experience, said, “It’s such a pleasure working with a pro.”


Complex and surprising and comforting all at the same time …

When my sister arrived bearing a gift cooler full of Patty’s magic, I felt the love. It was a time my husband and I needed a little support, not a lot of the extra work that can sometimes arrive with houseguests. Incredibly delicious, well thought-out meals were packaged for days. Everything labeled, what dish went with what, how to cook, what could be stored or frozen for later. The menus were extremely well considered since we each have different dietary needs. She still managed to plan inventive cohesive meals that we could eat together. I know Patty also does catering and I would use her in a second if I lived nearby. Her food is complex and surprising and comforting all at the same time. As a gift, meals from Patty was one of the nicest and most considerate I have received.

Cindy Newton

Scrumptious meals for 20 hungry riders!

Chef Patricia is amazing! She provided delicious and healthy meals for our barn during our 2-week stay at Tryon Equestrian Center and everyone was delighted! We had 20 hungry riders and their families who presented a range of dietary needs and preferences. Patty happily accommodated every request and created scrumptious meals that met every need and she went above and beyond with every meal, including lovely touches like fresh flowers for the table. We will definitely be calling Patty every time we return to Tryon!


This service is a life-saver …

Patty has been our family’s Personal Chef for over a year. She supplies my Weekly Lunches which include a variety of fresh healthy soups, salads and sandwiches. I am super busy so I count on her to deliver a few Entrees each week for my family and she also makes sure that my freezer has some items in case of emergencies. Our family has really enjoyed trying new flavors while having all the comfort foods we love and there are plenty of extra items and surprises with each delivery. This is not a service I had thought of before but it has been a life-saver for me.

Kim C

Way better than eating out!

I work full time and I love cooking but sometimes I am just to busy to plan, cook and clean-up after a busy week. I have been part of Patty’s Weekly Meal Delivery Plan and Casserole Plan for over a year and it has been a real time saver. The food is really flavorful and the quantities are more than enough for several meals. We get to try new dishes, which we love. The variety is wonderful as the menu changes weekly and the presentation is always beautiful (and often includes fresh flowers and surprises.) We get to stay home, eat Patricia’s creations and drink our own wine. It’s way better than eating out! Patty has also helped in a pinch with Party Platters when I just don’t have time.


A 50th Birthday Party Celebration to Remember

When we decided to Celebrate 3 Family Members turning 50 we hired Chef Patty to deliver us a Meal for the festivities. 16 of us traveled from New Jersey, Greensboro and California and stayed at the Butterfly Creek Inn. All the arrangements were planned via E Mail and every detail was thought through even the beautiful Holiday Bouquets! The meal was wonderful and we all loved it! After the first bite of the Pimento Dip, I had to remind myself that other people were sharing it too and I couldn’t just stand over it and eat it all!! Everything was great but the favorite was the Italian Shrimp and Grits. The Slaw went perfectly with the Pork Sliders along with the Mac n Cheese, Collards and Southern Corn Casserole. Even the Green Salad was great and thoughtfully assembled, with all the different fruit in it. We had an amazing cake made by All Goods Things Bakery that completed the evening.

Thank you for making such a memorable meal and helping us celebrate our birthdays!

Best Wishes!

More than I could have expected …

I live part-time in Asheville and I know what is like to be barraged by wonderful testimonials about food daily. Many of them don’t measure up. So I was skeptical about engaging a caterer for a formal dinner for primarily vegetarians. Well, it was more than I could have expected. Not only did the flavors explode wonderfully in our mouths but there was such a variety of them and combined in new and delightful ways. When I have a catered sit-down dinner the goal is delicious and hassle free. The attention and contributions Patty and her husband paid to my ideas about presentation, and simplicity, made the experience pleasurable far beyond the food. She provided detail and clear instructions and checked on my progress regularly. It makes me want to think up reasons to have another dinner soon!

Brad and Martin

Fresh tasty meals save us time and money …

I had honestly never considered hiring a Personal Chef before we met Patricia. Our introduction to her was when my sister and her husband gave us the gift of a wonderful meal that was awaiting us when we got back from a trip. We were blown away by the great food and by what a thoughtful gift it was. It got us thinking … while I love to cook, there are times when I just don’t have the time or energy to prepare fresh, tasty meals. We pretty much determined that it could save us both time and money when compared to all the time planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. We are now regulars on Patricia’s schedule. Not sure how she does it but every meal she brings us is better than the last!

Chelsea Goode

Such a pleasure to work with …

The Tryon International Film Festival would like to thank Chef Patty for helping create such an amazing event. It is such a pleasure to work with a chef with her professional and organizational skills coupled with her creativity. Patty came on board just 4 weeks before our event and put together a beautiful menu including Gourmet Tea Sandwiches, Roasted Shrimp with Green Goddess Dressing, 2 kinds of Meatballs, Deviled Eggs and more. In addition she created a special offering for our VIP guests that was truly a hit! We are on our fifth year and with Chef Patty’s help we were able to really elevate our festival to the next level. The feedback from many of our guests was that is was truly a elegant evening and the food was by far the best to date!

Tryon International Film Festival
Oct 31st, 2019

She did it all …

This very professional lady is amazing!  She put together a complete repast for over 150 folks coming to Tryon to celebrate the life of my husband.  She did it all herself, cooked it, presented it, and cleaned up.  I will be forever grateful for the fact that Patricia is the wonderful woman she is, and I can call her a friend.

Jane Templeton

The perfect gift at the perfect time …

Being on crutches is the worst. It just makes doing anything, especially cooking, hard. After a foot injury put me in crutches Chef Patricia came to the rescue. My family ordered up a gift certificate to cover a slew of amazing meals, some to eat fresh and some to freeze. Really, it was the perfect gift at the perfect time!

Corrie Woods

Anyone who travels would LOVE this service!

One of the hardest things about traveling is coming home bone-tired and having no food in the house. Several times we’ve had Patricia stock our kitchen and fridge so we had lots of fresh foods and great tasting meals ready to heat up and eat. We’re hooked on this service!

Jay Lichty

Chef Patricia

Feel free to contact Patricia via phone or via email.


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